More more more...

Another day, another week, another month, another year, time will just keep moving on, but music & love won't dissepear.

Hii =)
Some more beginnings songs i've written over the past view days:

Do you get your joys in life,
By destroying other ones like mine?
Or does it make you feel good,
When you see our sad looks?
And does the pain,
That we go trough every day,
Make you smile because your life is so much better than ours?

You think that your so much better than me,
Well i'm sorry but i disagree.
I can feel you look down on me
So full of proud,
From your own lonely cloud so high up in the sky.
Why do you think you'r so amazing,
And that i am just one big failure?


more comming up ;D

Xoxo VeraVicious

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