here they come...

Another day, another week, another month, another year, time will just keep moving on, but music & love won't dissepear.

time for posting the songs i wrote while is was on vacatiooooon =)

I just wanna scream at you,
Wanna hit you in the face.
I just wanna say:
You broke my heart,
Tore my life apart,
You don't even realize,
Probably would'nt mind.
You must be a sick psyco of some weird kind.

I hate you,
So why can't i just forget all about you?
I don't ever wanna talk to you again,
So why do i keep talking to you on msn?
Why do you keep hunting me,
All i want is to be free!
All the things i'll never say,
Cus i'll survive as long as you'r ok.

so.... that one's not finnished xD obviously....
but i'll post more ;)
oh btw many of them are kinda the same cus there about one guy you know...

Xoxo VeraVicious

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