Another day, another week, another month, another year, time will just keep moving on, but music & love won't dissepear.

hey :3

one of my half finished songs, called Scars ;)

When your fall of a horse,
You're supposed to get back in the saddle again.
When you loose a beloved,
You're supposed to greeve, then get on with your life.
But is it really that easy?
How do you make the scars dissapear?
Or are we supposed to hide our feeling cus thats easier?

I feel lost without you.
I can't stand the emptyness.
I'm cold cus your armes arent wrapped around me.
I can't breathe cus when you left me,
You took away the oxygen
And all that i lived for,
Died with you.


So thats what i have so far. I really want to make it a meaningfull song, so its really hard to finnish it, because i want it to like have a message, and a point, and be sad and encouraging (or however you write that :P) at the same time...

Xoxo VeraVicious

2 reactions:

gigi said...

keep writing those beautiful songs and lyrics

sorry dit moet ff :$
oksygen>>oxygen, en incurriging>>>encouraging XD

VeraVicious said...

:) thanx :D

vind het alleen maar handig als je spelfouten verbeterd hoor ;) goed voor me engels & me blog :P