Another day, another week, another month, another year, time will just keep moving on, but music & love won't dissepear.

hii :)
i'll tell you my secret of songwriting:................... showering! xD
I ALWAYS get inspiration for a new song when i shower!
So... i just came out of the shower and i wrote a bit more on a old song, since i have decided that i wanna finnish all my half finnished songs before i start writing any new ones. Ive got around 20 unfinnished songs to finnish so wish me good luck! xD
Anyways, what i wrote today is a bit more to this song:


The white beaches of her fantasy world,

Glow brightly in the sun as she wonders if she'll ever be able to move on.
And the sea is made of teardrops rolling down her cheeks,
She can't fight reallyity nomather how much she seeks.
She clearly remembers the pain of her old life,
And she has to fight all the time to survive.

She screams,
As shes falling down this big black hole that never seems to end.
Shes scared,
Cuz it feels like shes stuck in a nightmare.
And she runs,
But nomather how far she goes, the pain won't go away.
And shes slowly giving up...
Giving up hope.
Giving up love.
Giving up everytihing shes ever dreamed off.

She can't remember last time she felt,
Good about herself.
And she can't remember good memories,
Cus the bad ones are all she sees.


The part thart thats written like this is what i wrote just now ;D


Xoxo VeraVicious

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