Another day, another week, another month, another year, time will just keep moving on, but music will never dissepear.

Yo yo yo!
Another song written by moi :)

The search for who i am and who i wanna be,
It just keeps going on it's driving me crazy now.
I wish i could just know about my destiny,
To help me in the search thorts my identity.
So many choices but wich one is right,
Who do i wanna be what do i wanna do with my life?

Look to left, to right,
How am i supposed to know wich way i should go?
It could be wrong, might be right,
Everything has ups and downs that nobody tells uss about.
There's not always an easy way out,
You always gotta read the small print,
Cus life's a labyrint.


I will try to find guitar chords to it and post them here ;D

Xoxo VeraVicious

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