Another day, another week, another month, another year, time will just keep moving on, but music will never dissepear.

Hey =)
My friend and me got the idea of writing a song about a fairytale.
Well we wanted to write about a inspiering fairytale that hasnt been written that much about so we choose Snowwhite x'D


Mirror mirror on the wall,
Who is the prettiest of them all?
Answer me now, honestly!
Screamed the wicked queen.
Queen oh queen pretty as you are,
There is one prettier by far.
With hair so black and skin so white as snow,
She is so beautiful.
Kill her!
The evil witch screamed at her guard,
And as a proove, bring me her heart!
But the guard couldn't do it.
He couldn't kill the sweet snowwhite.
Run he said, run for your life!

Oh snowwhite,
Your beauty is taking it's price.
Jalousy grows into hate,
And there is no way to escape.

He ho, he ho, he ho, he ho.
And when the seven dwarfs came home,
They found a girl sleeping in theire beds,
A girl with skin as white as snow.
They became good friends,
And now snowwhite wasn't so alone.
They lived theire lifes happy and carefree,
If they only would have known!
But they had no idea.
That that one day,
When the dwarfs left for work just like always,
Everything would change.
He ho, he ho, he ho, he ho.

Oh snowwhite,

Your beauty is taking it's price.
Jalousy grows into hate,
And there is no way to escape.

Oh and time stands still for a view seconds, as i start to fall.
I can hear her laughing and realize the truth wasn't true at all.
And i am gasping for air, trying desperatly.
I open my eyes, look up and what do i see?
The evil witch looking down on me.
For the last time, cus now i'll finally be free.

Oh snowwhite,

Your beauty's taken it's price.
Jalousy grew into hate,
And there was no way to escape.

Apple so red,
Kiss of death.
Her soul so black,
Her jalousy took my life.
The only thing that can save me now,
True love confirmed with a kiss.
A kiss from my beloved prince.
And happily ever after will we live,
And what happened to the evil witch?
She was burned at the stake,
To burn in the eternal flame.


i know i know it's loooooooooooooong!! xD

Xoxo VeraVicious

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